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Dear Michigan:

Are the nine million residents of Michigan on the same road to Sharia-dominance as the nine million residents of London? Will Michigan set the trend for America?

If you import enough people who will vote for you, you can become Mayor. That’s the lesson the U.K. has learned from its Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has lost control of crime in the capital, but is still able to find the time to ban ads featuring women in bikinis on the subway, and yet approve ads for Allah and Ramadan on our London buses.

In our capital, 4 people have been shot in the last 24 hours, the youngest of whom was just 13.

And it looks as if Michigan voters could be sleepwalking into the same future for themselves. Michigan could be the first state to elect a Sharia-compliant Muslim Governor. Indeed, Abdul El-Sayed would be the United States’ first. But I can tell you from experience, he is the way-finder, and he will be followed by legion more.

Do not become the U.K. Do not fall as we have fallen.

Katie Hopkins


Muslim activist’s ‘big stick’ approach turns Michigan politicians, media to willing servants of Islam. 

Diane Kozlowski was forced to resign her seat on a volunteer advisory board in the city of Warren because of a post on her private Facebook page.



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Christians In The East Lose Their Lives, But Christians In The West Are Losing Their Souls! / The United West



Grassroots urge Police to Obtain Deleted Sharia Training 
Sharia Crime Stoppers Radio Interview Day After NYC Suicide Bomber Attack. Listen to Podcast - Click Link Below:

National News Site Exposes The Dark Secrets of Sharia Crimes!

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On Moving The American Embassy To Jerusalem
Great Article by William Kilpatrick - Click Here
Candidates Running for Office in 2017/2018: Who Is Brave Enough to Stand Against Sharia?
To learn more about these two exceptional women, checkout their websites and consider volunteering and donating.


Pentagon severs all ties with SPLC!

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SPLC discredited by Left, Right, Mainstream Media and Government:

Note: Letter to Media: "Discredited" SPLC Should Be Ignored!



Sharia Crime Stoppers
- the campaign demanding that the American justice system effectively deal with the criminal aspects of Sharia.

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Is Muslim Gubernatorial Candidate a Progressive — or a Trojan Horse?

El-Sayed’s father-in-law is Dr. Jakaku Tayeb, former president, and current board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Michigan.  El-Sayed received a fellowship to attend medical school from the foundation of Paul and Daisy Soros (George Soros’s older brother and his wife)


Linda Loves Abdul! - Feeling's Mutual! - Bad News for Michigan!

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American anti-Israel activist who helped organize the nationwide Women's March, called for "jihad" against Trump. 

"She also urged ISNA convention attendees to donate to Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, a Democrat who is running for governor in Michigan, and would be that state’s first Muslim governor. "

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Linda Sarsour Calls for ‘Jihad’ Against Trump Administration!

Arabic speaker and terrorism expert Philip Haney, who co-authored the recent book “See Something Say Nothing,” said [Linda] Sarsour’s choice of words are terrifying on their face, but they carry additional layers of meaning to Muslims familiar with the Quran and hadith. When heard from that perspective, her words are even more chilling, ..."

When Linda Sarsour calls for "preparation" for Jihad against Trump, and full support for Abdul, isn't she calling for a Jihad against those of us in Michigan who oppose Abdul?
The Muslim Brotherhood in Michigan is "preparing" and so must We, the People.


We have added a "Secure Michigan Candidate Vetting Questions" form in our documents library. Click Here to see it!

Secure Michigan Candidate Vetting Questions

Vox Populi News Editor-in-Chief:

Farrah Prudence

She has firsthand experience of honor violence and other crimes committed within Shariah families.

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Face Book Page

Farrah Prudence Youtube


SPLC Cited for Hateful Attacks on Immigration Control Groups [Like Secure Michigan] 

The radical leftist group that helped a gunman commit an act of terrorism against a conservative organization was officially reprimanded by the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) for its hateful attacks, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an extremist nonprofit that lists conservative organizations that disagree with gthem. Read the full post. 

Obama DOJ Reprimanded SPLC for Hateful Attacks on Immigration Control Groups 

Philip Haney's national security expertise was fully on display at the SE Michigan Tea Party meeting on March 11th - see full video below:

The American Pastors Network presents a webinar titled, "Is Islam Luring the American Church into Denying Jesus?"  Dr. Mark Christian, a converted Muslim Imam, and current Executive Director of the Global Faith  Institute, speaks about how the church has compromised truth by forming alliances with Islam. He calls out Pastors with compelling historical information and an accurate analysis of the Quran and the Bible to further clarify this issue.  
Website links:

Are city governments favoring Islam?

The new Secure Michigan Refugee Resettlement presentation explores this topic, as well as, the public records showing that Muslim Brotherhood [MB] money has been regularly accepted by the very Congressmen who will be asked to determine whether or not the MB/CAIR is a terrorist organization. View it below:

Shariah Makes Islam Not a Religion But a Worldwide Immoral and Deadly Cult. Just as Islam teaches the reverse of the Golden Rule, It teaches the reverse of the last seven of the Ten Commandments, which have to do with morality:


We need to challenge local law enforcement to get trained 

in order for them to help us protect ourselves from the immorality of the Cult. We need to challenge local churches to speak out against the immorality of Shariah.



See which political leaders are getting donations from the The Muslim Brotherhood!


Why would radio hosts from outside of Michigan contact Secure Michigan to better understand if Shariahvilles are really visible here and if political leaders here are actually favoring Islam?

Listen to this recent interview:

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