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We are dedicated to providing news and information regarding the costs and security concerns of the Refugee Resettlement program and its negative impact on the people of Michigan. 

Meet the 'next Obama' groomed to make political history!

Dr. Abdul el-Sayed: The next Governor of Michigan?

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Philip Haney's national security expertise was fully on display at the SE Michigan Tea Party meeting on March 11th - see full video below:

The American Pastors Network presents a webinar titled, "Is Islam Luring the American Church into Denying Jesus?"  Dr. Mark Christian, a converted Muslim Imam, and current Executive Director of the Global Faith  Institute, speaks about how the church has compromised truth by forming alliances with Islam. He calls out Pastors with compelling historical information and an accurate analysis of the Quran and the Bible to further clarify this issue.  
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Are city governments favoring Islam?

The new Secure Michigan Refugee Resettlement presentation explores this topic, as well as, the public records showing that Muslim Brotherhood [MB] money has been regularly accepted by the very Congressmen who will be asked to determine whether or not the MB/CAIR is a terrorist organization. View it below:

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Refugee Resettlement Presentation from 3 18 17


See which political leaders are getting donations from the The Muslim Brotherhood!


Why would radio hosts from outside of Michigan contact Secure Michigan to better understand if Shariahvilles are really visible here and if political leaders here are actually favoring Islam?

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Enemies Within at War with Trump’s Army

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Latest Refugee Plan Statistics

This information was  brought to our attention by our Secure Michigan researcher: This is public but challenging to find and process.

This is the VOLAGs Plan for Michigan this Fiscal Year

Consolidated Placement Plan 2017
Ann Arbor400
Battle Creek220
Clinton Township1,100
Grand Rapids1,014
Madison Heights15
Traverse City12
The cities above are processing centers for Catholic Charities, Samaritas, USCRI, Jewish Family Services, etc.
The receiving towns spread out from there.
From October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, the VOLAGs have made their money by dumping 1317 more refugees into these Michigan cities.

Listen to Brooks pulling no punches on the Frank Beckmann Show:

Frank Beckmann Podcast

Patterson Says He Will Sue To Stop Refugee Resettlement: Click Here